Artistic approach & bibliographie

Artistic approach

THE COLOUR. Through my works, color is highlighted and it is explored in all its variations. The starting point is an amalgam of three colors, including one strong and lively, with which I seek to bring out the contrasts. The result is striking works. All of my artistic practice is inspired by modern architecture as well as raw materials such as marble. Concrete buildings, bridges and lines of all kinds: straight, curved, broken, imposing or unobtrusive. These sources lead me to an imaginary world, driven by determination, affirmation and daring. The elegance and the sumptuous aspect of the marble attract me by its fluid and feminine movements. Acrylic and epoxy are the mediums exploited in an abstract style that sometimes suggests a figurative element. Crystals, rocks, cement, fragments of mirrors punctually fit into my works, creating an unusual relief on works that stand out.

36” x 60”, Technique mixte et résine sur toile






Born in La Tuque in 1978, I grew up having had the chance to visit and live in several cities in Quebec.

Piano, drawing, interior design, photography and fashion were all part of my life.

As a teenager, I discover Monet and Picasso (as the latter fascinates me!). I win arts competitions and I always want to surpass myself. At 17, I am going into hairdressing and I am hired in a hairdressing salon at Laval University in Quebec City. I love creating and explore with colors, but I lack challenges. I am studying towards a degree in Education while working as a hair stylist at University. At the first opportunity, I register for an optional course in art and I study Le Corbusier. I fall in love with his architectural works and I dream of one day having my own style too. I use, meanwhile, my creativity and my theatrical side to get children to love school.

As an adult, I create the plans of my modern home and I paint my first paintings to personalize my interior decoration. That’s it, my passion for painting is born!

In 2017, my career as an artist takes off and becomes my full-time job. New local businesses acquire my paintings. After only 5 months, I am partnering with a furniture store; partner with a decoration store and I take painting contracts from designers. I am learning and perfecting my art in my new role as an entrepreneur. I wish to go further and further. My perseverance and dynamism have made me evolve and obtain recognition in the world of art. I present my works throughout the Province of Quebec at group and individual exhibitions. The awards and recognition I receive is motivating me to constantly improve myself and reflect on my artistic approach while refining my style. The latter becomes more precise and those who know me can see the trend of this evolution, by the intensity of the colors used, the abstract lines sometimes suggesting the idea of ​​an image. The color and its contrasts remain the essence of my creations. My teenage dream of distinguishing myself artistically is concretized by my own signature in the abstract world.


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