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The difference: the freedom to be myself

Painting is a way for me to explore the dynamics of contrasts. I am interested in the forms between softness and hardness, fluidity and rigidity, elegance and coarseness. I thus seek to express these states of tension which constantly cross us, the living forces which separate us, unite us and take us elsewhere.

The color is explored in all its variations in order to accentuate the oppositions, in particular by the amalgam of various materials and nuanced textures. Acrylic and epoxy are the mediums used in an abstract style which sometimes suggests figurative elements. Cement, mirror fragments, crystals and textiles are punctually integrated into my works to create an unusual relief.

I draw inspiration from modern architecture, straight, curved, broken, imposing or discreet lines, found in raw materials such as concrete, marble and steel. I draw inspiration from these contrasting structures to create compositions in my image: determined, assertive and daring.


36” x 60”, Technique mixte et résine sur toile









Born in La Tuque, I grew up fascinated by Monet, Picasso, Le Corbusier. I am a self-taught artist with a particular sense of color and a closeness with architecture, which I acquired during my various trades and experiences: hairdressing, styling, interior design.

As an adult, I drew the plans of my house and created my first paintings. Here, the passion for painting was born!

Since 2017, my paintings have been found in new local businesses: physiotherapy, podiatry, medico-aesthetics, lawyers and notaries, insurance office, restaurant, furniture store and audio-video store. I also produce, on order, works for interior designers from Quebec and Ontario.

I am a member of several art and entrepreneurship associations (QC and ON) and I participate in several training courses.

I cumulate prizes and mentions: finalist favorite of the contest “exhibit in Amsterdam”, Art x terra / Galerie Artêria, Bromont, QC; winner of the “Oeuvre artiste Outaouais” Mode Mobile contest, Gatineau, QC (2019); Peer favorite artist 2nd place, Plaines Couleurs Symposium, QC (2019);

Nominated favorite artist of the public, Automn’Art symposium, La Tuque, QC (2018); 2nd place from the jury, Automn’Art Symposium, La Tuque, QC (2018).

I am a partner of the Gallea gallery and I am an artist who has been selected to exhibit at the prestigious Le Crystal hotel in Montreal (February-April 2020).

 Determined and motivated, my artistic approach is constantly rethought. My style is becoming clearer and we can see the common thread of this evolution, through the intensity and the contrasts of the colors used, the abstract lines sometimes suggesting the idea of ​​an image. My teenage dream, such as distinguishing myself artistically, is materialized by my own signature in the abstract world.

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