About CLAF

CLAF is a Canadian artist. She has been painting for 17 years and has participated in around twenty solo and collective exhibitions.

His works can be found in galleries in Europe, the United States and Canada. She has accumulated various awards and mentions and has participated in various events to paint in front of an audience.


CLAF, an artist from La Tuque, has been painting for 17 years. His works can be found in several collections (public and private) in Canada and Europe, at the Allégorie gallery in Montreal, as well as at Vice Versa furniture and temptations in Gatineau.

His participation was notorious in about twenty exhibitions and artistic events (private, collective, corporate) in Quebec and Ontario. Her artistic track record includes several prizes and mentions and she has participated in several prestigious events to paint in front of the public.

CLAF is a graduate of Laval University in education and has added several courses in psychology to her background. Fascinated mainly by the theories of the psychoanalyst Sigmond Freud, she integrates them into her artistic projects by combining emotions and significant events to obtain works imprinted with colors and subjective images.

Close to his emotions, CLAF seeks to deal with sensitive, personal subjects to give them meaning and better tame them.

Artistic approach


Afflicted by illness, she can neither walk nor believe in hope. She turns out to be infected with a devastating bacterium that has taken her as a refuge. Doctors suggest little chance of recovery.
“I never imagined that a human could suffer like this.”

Today, after having painted the Dream, CLAF paints the dark sides of his diary. She learns to cohabit with her traumas: To welcome, to take control instead of fleeing.

His works are usually painted in series, either in the use of materials or in the exploration of a particular idea. Each painting starts from a directive feeling. He is studied, even psychoanalyzed. Its abstract style, its reliefs, its imposing colors, its history is delivered timidly and with courage on paintings charged by different techniques: scratching, wiping, impasto. His mediums are mixed: acrylic paints, iridescent liquid, mortar or gel and epoxy resin, applied sporadically.

She paints in multi-layers: Layer after layer, there is a superposition of colors and transparency. Like confidences revealed one at a time, some details remaining hidden between others, because too sensitive, intense and heavy. Some lines subtly flirt with the figurative in order to guide the viewer. Calligraphic traces are left spontaneously on the work, reminiscent of a diary.