Painter Artist

CLAF is a Canadian artist. She has been painting for 17 years and has participated in twenty solo and group exhibitions. Her works are in galleries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. She won various awards and mentions and has participated in various events to paint in front of an audience.

Voir mes oeuvres en galerie et en magasin

« An intruder, an evil »

“I never imagined that a human could suffer like this”.

Afflicted by a disease for more than 2 years, the artist could neither walk, nor even believe in hope. Suffering from a devastating bacterium having taken her hostage, the doctors suggested there was little chance of recovery.

Today, her health recovered, some trauma lingers and reminds her of the fragility of life. This collection was created from her past state, her suffering, and from the intense sensations felt between 2014 and 2017.

« CLAF Fairytales Collection »

Formerly an orthopedagogue, CLAF used books to transmit academic, cultural, and moral knowledge to her students. The romantic, dreamer artist, with a strong character, was inspired by traditional tales (the brothers Grimm, Andersen) and legends to highlight these ancient morals, by revisiting them with her intrinsic and current values. She utilises various contrasts: femininity vs masculinity, elegance vs coarseness, softness vs harshness.

« Anterior »

“The difference, the freedom to be myself”

CLAF was inspired by a newfound freedom.

Discover the unconventional. Paintings presenting non-traditional materials define this collection.


Exhibit in Miami:

In May 2023, CLAF was noticed by a Miami gallery, White’s Art Gallery.

She then made her artistic debut in Florida, US. Her paintings will also be exhibited in the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.

Exhibit in Paris

Exhibit in Paris, France, in collaboration with the Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid, Spain:

Next event: From 22 to 24 September 2023, some CLAF works will be exhibited at the major event “International Contemporary Art Fair Paris”.

Article dans Luxe Ottawa magazine

Interview fait avec CLAF par Ottawa Luxe Magazine, hiver 2022. On adresse ses multiples projets artistiques: ses tableaux, ses meubles et ses planches à pagaie.

The furniture collection originated in 2020, when it moved to a new home. Desiring to have an original and distinguished piece of furniture, she met her need by creating her own dining room table. We now find furniture that can be made to measure, according to the wishes of the buyer (colors, shapes, dimensions). The epoxy finish is very resistant and easy to maintain.